The success of an image depends on the collaboration of both the photographer and the client. This open dialogue is a critical step in the process. Understanding the combined vision of the architect, interior designer and builder helps us portray their 3-dimensional work through an exceptional 2-dimensional product. The other key elements required in the creation of successful imagery are: First, utilization of state-of-the-art technology, from lighting and cameras to computers and software. Second, an understanding of both natural and artificial light and how it interacts with the space. Third, paying close attention to the details of what is going on within the scene. Proper placement of every item, from furniture to the small vase on the bookcase, brings out the best in an image. Fourth, scrutiny of post-production images. This last step is vital to the successful completion of the process. This is the step that involves elimination of obstructions that detract from the image, e.g., electric lines, blemishes on walls, dead grass, etc. Ultimately, the image will reflect the client’s vision with no distractions.

We offer competitive pricing based on the usage needs of the client. Through a detailed discussion, we agree on the best package, with a pricing structure within the client’s budget that has no hidden fees or charges.


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